Indy Smith is proud to be carrying on her father’s legacy as the spokesperson and entertainment personality for FRASHON communications LLC. Take a minute to learn more about her life and career.


From Singer to Radio Personality

From an early age, Indy Smith was inspired to follow in her father’s musical footsteps. In her youth, she started singing and performing music; however, she soon discovered that her passion was for the writing and production side of the industry. After living in Germany for a year with the Gloria Gainer band, she returned home and decided to focus on behind-the-scenes aspects of entertainment. In 2007, she started her career as a radio personality, and today she is the co-host with Lenny Green of New York’s 107.5 WBLS.

Celebrated Professor & Author

In addition to her roles in the entertainment world, Indy Smith is also a respected psychology professor and relationship author. She is passionate about discussing relationship issues and helping others through their struggles. The first of her three-book series is titled “Why Ask… Because In Love Sh** Happens!” and is available to be purchased in our online store.


A Support in the Entertainment Industry

As a respected name in the industry, Indy Smith has earned a reputation for helping anyone that is trying to make it in the entertainment world. In addition to helping artists develop content, she seeks to reshape the way people see the entertainment industry by breaking down stigmas and reducing the drama that is often associated with television, music, and radio.

Indy Smith understands that many artists — including her father — experience times of darkness. She is committed to helping individuals who are going through tough times by shining a light on their life.

Additionally, she is enthusiastic about supporting other children and grandchildren of artists. Frequently, lawyers and managers have their hands in the families’ business, and it can be difficult for heirs to take over and continue their parents’ legacies.

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